Physician with 10+ years of experience

As a seasoned family physician with over 10 years of experience, I am board-certified and licensed in multiple states, reflecting my commitment to providing exceptional and comprehensive care. 

Deeply passionate about lifestyle medicine, I specialize in empowering patients to make transformative lifestyle changes. This approach is integral to managing chronic conditions and enhancing overall well-being. 

Embracing the role of technology in healthcare, I am an advocate for leveraging digital solutions to improve healthcare delivery. 

As a physician leader, I am dedicated to the integration of medical expertise with technological advancements to pave the way for a more patient-centered healthcare future.

Dr. Munnainathan, MD, CPE

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Life MediZen is a Team Effort

Our Health and Wellness Coach empowers individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes, providing motivation and guidance to achieve personal health and wellness goals.
Isha Tharma
Health & Wellness Coach
The Care Coordinator serves as the linchpin of our program, ensuring seamless communication and integration of care, while assisting patients in navigating their personalized health journey.
Beatriz Rodriquez
Care Coordinator
Our Dietician develops individualized nutrition plans based on each person's unique dietary needs and preferences, offering expert advice for healthy eating and lifestyle choices.
Marlene Torres
Dietician + Fitness Coach

Our Mission

Life MediZen is dedicated to revolutionizing personal health by diagnosing and treating the unique lifestyle of every individual.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where every person’s unique lifestyle and health needs are not just recognized, but are the basis for innovative, effective, and holistic health care solutions.

Life MediZen's Core Values

Envisioning a future where personalized lifestyle medicine is at the forefront of healthcare


We value the uniqueness of each individual, tailoring our approach to meet their specific lifestyle and health needs for the most effective care.


We are committed to continually embracing and integrating cutting-edge technology and research in lifestyle medicine to provide advanced, effective health solutions


Understanding and compassion are at the heart of our practice; we believe in connecting with each individual's journey to provide supportive, patient-centered care.

Holistic Well-being

Our core value is to look beyond symptoms, focusing on the whole person - body, mind, and lifestyle - to promote comprehensive and sustainable health and wellness.

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